2019 Winter Camp will be held at:

Samuel Tucker Elementary School
435 Ferdinand Day Drive
Alexandria, VA 22304

The registration review process will take up to five (5) - seven (7) business days. You will receive official notification from our registrar that your child(ren) may attend. Until you receive notification, camp registration is not final.

For more information regarding 2019 Winter Camp Registration, please contact Sofia Hayes at shayes@campagnacenter.org or 703-224-2338

If your child is currently enrolled in the Campagna Kids Program, enter your username and password to complete the 2019 Winter Camp Application or check on its status. 

Note to Parents:  Your username and password can be used to complete an application for more than one child. You do not have to create a new login for each child being registered.

2019 Winter Camp Current Student
2019 Winter Camp Current Student (Add'l Child)
2019 Winter Camp - New Student
2019 Winter Camp - New Student (Add'l Child)

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